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American Clean Energy Solutions Inc.


Discover our specialties

American Clean Energy Solutions Inc. works alongside of both small and large clients to solve critical issues relative to the environment.   At “ACES”, as integrators, we find the state of the art technology that BEST suits the requirements of our clients. We are eager to develop or acquire innovations that can enhance the performance of our existing businesses or help create profitable renewable energy systems and solutions into new businesses. Our approach is what makes us successful.

“ACES” has in development several international projects which include waste to energy "WTE", crude oil sludge recovery, ocean plastic recovery and hydrogen production. We strongly advocate Circular Economies, turning waste materials into viable commodities. 

“ACES” has assembled an expert team with Global Experience.

Landfill Management
Solar Panels

Waste to Energy

Municipal Solid Waste


Solar Farm Park


Generating sources

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