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Generating sources of water,

Atmospheric Water & Desalination

...water essential for life...

Today the world is thirsty for water and it is getting thirstier by the day. The water industry today is a $365 Billion global market with unbridled growth.  The water reserves are low, the aquifers are low, the snowpacks are melting at an alarming rate and global warming is here to stay. This water crisis is not a third world problem, it is a worldwide problem.

Atmospheric Water Creation:

​Our technology provides a cost-effective solution to the global shortage of potable water by efficiently extracting water from the air and producing clean, healthy drinking water.


​The desalination process is extremely energy-intensive and thus “ACES” unique hybrid concept reduces dramatically the energy costs associated with desalination which bring the cost per litre of drinkable water more than competitive.

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